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This post crossed my path this morning — Bored Panda’s collection of photos of artists and their muses in the artists’ studios.

The timing is perfect, as I just cleaned up my home office, but then I really need to punch it up, because it’s pretty drab.

I think Edvard Munch is the closest to my personal style:


… which explains why, somehow, my Scandinavian Designs office furniture just isn’t right for me.


I mean, really. I have my grandma’s old lamp, and yes, that is an unopened “Extreme Weather Pet Door” box propping up my computer. I seriously need a couch or something, not to mention a few curlicues and — my husband’s wild suggestion — perhaps a plant. A plant! Can you imagine!

It might be useful to adopt Andy Warhol’s approach of having a younger, better-looking doppelgänger stand at one’s elbow while one creates:


Doppelgängers, please apply below.

I do love my collections of personal totems — an old Cure concert poster I ripped off a pole under the 15th Street Viaduct in summer 1989, a small Georgia O’Keeffe print, a cup holder my husband made as a youth, the Grumpasaurus my daughter knitted for me, a glimmering Durga figure (the Hindu goddess of creation), and boxes of mementos: old coins, my grandfather’s watch, arrowheads from the Pawnee Grasslands in northeastern Colorado. And stacks, this time of literary journals I’m passing on to other writer friends and resources for a writing lesson I’ll teach next week.

Of course, this is only my half-time office. The other is at The Writers Block, a shared writing space I help manage, which is why I neglect this one a bit.

What does your studio or office look like?

What defines your perfect workspace?

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