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  1. So glad you hopped on the bandwagon. One of the most fascinating things I’m learning through this exercise is how many of us have some old school country and western in our rear view mirrors…and yet felt perfectly at home with the Cure and the Smiths. Great piece and thanks again for joining in!

    • Susanna
      May 15
      Depakote 500mg buy online

      Now we just need a smackdown edition … I just read that Fine Tuning *turned toward* country music because of “Cruise,” and that needs some serious ‘splaining, in my book. Ha!

  2. As I commented to Nancy, I would need a few days to be able to decide what songs to pick, and even then, I’d be sure I could have done a better job. I’d spend hours agonizing over which Smiths song to pick, I’m impressed you were so certain.

    • Susanna
      May 15
      buy Depakote steroids

      Perhaps I have an advantage in that I’m writing a whole memoir about this. And writing fast might be easier — like ripping the bandage off!

  3. The Cure and The Smiths – YES! Head on the Door was one of my absolute fave albums…and “Unloveable”? Oh man I’ve quoted that song sooo many times. “If I seem a little strange, well that’s because I am” 🙂

    Great list!

    • Susanna
      May 16
      buy Depakote tablets

      Yes, I guess that’s what made “Unloveable” THE song by the Smiths — I ran through all the lyrics like “uh-huh, yes, yes, yep, OOH that line, yeah …” — especially at age … um … pre-20. Pre-22. Never mind.

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