I love to hate you, baby

You know when you’re driving in the car, listening to the radio, laughing politely at the DJ’s jokes, and then that song comes on, and you’re singing along, so familiar, and then about two-thirds through, you realize I NEVER WANT TO HEAR THIS SONG AGAIN?

Happened today.


I had never seen that video before. I just watched it now, for you guys.That video is THE WORST! It actually made me a little nauseous, with her vampire pietà thing she’s got going on. I thought the shrouded person she’s embracing was going to get abrasions by the end, but I guess s/he is dead, maybe? You would have to be, or you’d freak out, with her singing this irritating song right in your ear like that.

Plus, have you noticed that video (song??) is kind of a ripoff of “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, released a decade earlier? (And to be fair, I always groaned when “Don’t Give Up” came on my public radio station music video show, because that song NEVER ENDS and all they do is turn around, but if you fast forwarded the videotape, they look like those music box dancers.)

I’m not even going to comment on the rest of the video. I’m just confirmed in wishing I never had heard that song, and never hear it again.

Other annoying songs I know all about

I started thinking about what other songs are like that for me. Turns out, they’re all “S” artists.

There’s Seal, who at least is handsome. But not in this video, where, let’s face it, his lips don’t match up with the music very often.

There’s Sade.

OK, actually I like Sade, but TOO MUCH SAXOPHONE right off the bat in this one.

And then, I saved the worst for last.


Not sublime.


Why must the radio play these things?

I suppose people like them … right?


What are the worst songs?

How about you? Have I mortally offended you? What songs do you find yourself singing along to … until you gasp and realize you’re a bit queasy?

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  1. February 14

    This post made me laugh because my husband LOVES Sade. Like, unapologetically and not at all ironically. She has a great voice, but that song is just so cheese, isn’t it? I mean, just the title says it all.

    But yeah, that Sarah McLachlan song is one of the worst in my books. I wrote about how creepy it is on my blog too.

    Another creeper? Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello.” That video is just so ickkkkk.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Susanna
    February 14

    That’s so funny that you wrote about that Sarah McLachlan song too! And my husband also loves Sade (“she’s so sophisticated”).

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