Two-fer Tuesday: Lady singer-songwriters of the ’90s

It’s a very special day at my house.

Today, my little girl became a woman. No, no, not that way … or that way. But several major milestones happened:

  • I signed her up for drivers ed.
  • I took her for her annual checkup and she went into the exam room without me.
  • I dropped her off while she arranged to do a summer job for a neighbor.

This calls for womyn’s music

To celebrate her major step into womanhood, I thought it was high time my kid realize exactly what she missed out on in the 1990s era of female singer-songwriters.

The launching pad was Alanis Morrissette and James Corden singing the updated version of “Ironic”:

Then, of course, I realized she had never seen the original “Ironic,” so we watched that, and then took a quick look at “You Oughta Know,” and I reminisced about how I felt like Alanis was bearable at the time of “You Oughta Know,” but then after “Ironic,” which is NOT ABOUT IRONY, I started calling her Al-Anis, as if she were a shriner, which honestly — isn’t that beanie kinda like a fez? OK, I was mean in the ’90s.

Moving right along, I realized my daughter’s 1990s female singer-songwriter knowledge is woefully absent. While the dog had her pinned down on the couch, we watched all or part of the following videos.

Join me, won’t you, tripping down memory lane?

  • “What if God Was One of Us” by Joan Osborne (daughter is pretty sure she heard this one when it was “rock band Sunday” at her grandma’s church)
  • “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman
  • “Luka” by Suzanne Vega
  • “Miss You” by Lisa Loeb (“This is the sexy-librarian-looking lady who now has a line of eyeglasses for sale at Costco!” I told her excitedly.)
  • “Who Will Save Your Soul” by Jewel
  • “Closer To Fine” by the Indigo Girls (not technically solo, but you know, basically)
  • “Twist in My Sobriety” by Tanita Tikaram (“Oh, good, just in time for the oboe solo!” Then a pause. “Wait. Why is there no goth industrial cover of this song?” #validated)

We didn’t delve into Sarah Maclachlan (she knows her from the sad animal commercial) or Fiona Apple (she knows “Criminal” from her piano teacher). We didn’t listen to Paula Cole (“I’ve heard that song before”). She’s already familiar with Ani DiFranco, and I referred her to Tori Amos on her own time.

My work is done. Also, she had shoved the dog off her lap and fled to another room.

Introducing Tuesday Two-Fer

This brings us to another exciting announcement: I’ve been meaning for quite some time to introduce a feature on this blog called the Tuesday Two-Fer, in which I share two songs that have something in common.

Today’s version isn’t exactly the way I envision it, but bear with me. We became mesmerized by the strand of still photos of women’s faces, looking waify, ready to sing up close to the camera, in YouTube’s suggestions, which then caused us to click on Sheryl Crow, “If It Makes You Happy.”

Did you ever notice how much Sheryl Crow looks like … Marilyn Manson? It’s true. Watch and see if you don’t agree.

(Extra bonus: Manson is covering Depeche Mode here, and both songs are about, I don’t know, the pleasures and sins of the flesh. Also, lipstick.)

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  1. This was, like, the EXACT SOUNDTRACK of the winter I worked at the Lickskillet in Boulder. Plus Hootie and the Blowfish, of course. And my fav Liz Phair.

    • Susanna
      May 11

      Ugh, Hootie!! I still love the first couple Liz Phair albums … but I think of the rest of these as kind of radio faves, whereas Liz Phair wasn’t on the radio, per se…

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