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  1. John Holley
    October 14
    buy Depakote 500 mg online

    Thank you for helping us understand. This permeating vigilance, the constant lack of safety, it is the thing men–white men like me–can not understand. Sure, we become enraged at the incidents and we try to understand, change things we can to ensure safe places around us, but we do not often understand the sheer weight of constant vigilance. Of operating in an environment that could go south, always. We’ve had moments, maybe even extended periods, but there was always safe space in a larger, normal world that would again surround us. Not having that safe space, ever, not being able to trust completely, is a daily abrasion and damage to self we can only comprehend for small moments. Thank you.

    • Susanna
      October 14
      buy Divalproex 125 mg

      Thanks, John! You’re right, everybody has their moments, but it’s different when it colors so many of your actions that you no longer realize you’re even thinking about it. (Also true of other populations.)

  2. I had to pull back from Twitter these last few weeks because I had hit a point where my outrage about people not getting it was boiling over. My Twitter crowd is heavily tilted to the left so it wasn’t what they were tweeting that got to me, rather the constant need to keep saying it.

    Everything you’ve written is so true. It was never the punks and the weirdos I worried about, it has always been the Brock Turners. I perfected my “don’t fuck with me” stare and never wore footwear that I couldn’t run in. I had hoped that my teenage daughter wouldn’t need to learn these same lessons, that we were living in more enlightened times, but obviously that’s not the case.

    • Susanna
      October 14
      buy Depakote online uk

      Yes! Forgot to add the footwear rule. I was talking with some people about not liking heels the other day, and I realized afterward, I never wore heels because they are crippling … in the moment as well as long-term.

  3. Anne
    October 16
    buy Depakote online canada

    Thank you, Susanna! Your writing expressed what I have been thinking about the last couple of days! It is horrifying that I could substitute myself for some paragraphs and probably 99.999% of women can find their experiences in this.

    • Susanna
      October 17
      buy Depakote online now

      Yes! And it’s upsetting that these experiences are so ingrained that most of us just take them for granted.

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