Digest – Virginia road trip, 2016

Today (February 2019) I was cleaning out some digital files and came across this digest I kept of a road trip my family took, driving from Denver to White Stone, Virginia, the summer of 2016, to meet up with a number of relatives. What innocent days those were!

I was surprised how the simple digest form brought that trip back to me.

Days: 12
Miles traveled: 4,182
Gallons of gas: 90
Cups of coffee: 96 (est.)
Nights in hotels: 6
Nights in other people’s homes: 6
Most famous person met: Roy Underhill
Peeling sunburns: 1
Person-nights sharing one bathroom: 45
Significant bodies of water: 6
Historic sites visited: 3
Friends and relatives caught up with: 32 (est.)
Times nephew Henry giggled at the word “burp”: 6
State license plates spotted: 46
Crabs eaten: 13
Fried oysters enjoyed: 39
New or regional foods: Cheerwine (Dyke, Virginia); Biscuitville (Troy, Illinois?); 5 Guys Burgers (on the way to Charleston, West Virginia); Bierock (Hays, Kansas); BBQ (Kansas City); Cracker Barrel (Omaha, Nebraska)
Local beers sipped: 5?
Audiobooks listened to: 1*
MPG: 46.7
Average speed: 57 mph
Eponymous landmarks: Lydia Mountain, Mark’s trucking (Wisconsin-based), Susanna Wesley United Methodist in Ordinary, Virginia
Tragedies that happened during our trip: shooting in Denver, minivan hit by train, bombing in Istanbul, Brexit, flooding in West Virginia, Donald Trump allegedly born again
Most expensive gas: $2.67 in Illinois
Cheapest gas: $1.98 in Virginia
Most Confederate flags: Virginia’s Blue Ridge/Shenandoah Mountains
Dead raccoons: 65 (est.)
Dead white-tailed deer: 25 (est.)
Dead possums: 30 (est.)
Dead mountain lions in St. Louis: 1 (exact figure)


* A long one: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. We finished it just as we drove back into Colorado.