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By day, I handed a drive-through order to a man whose testicles lay outside his nylon running shorts, like a small bald rodent. ….   The good people at Okey-Panky published my short essay “Fast Food” today. Please read it —…

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You know when you’re driving in the car, listening to the radio, laughing politely at the DJ’s jokes, and then that song comes on, and you’re singing along, so familiar, and then about two-thirds through, you realize I NEVER WANT TO…

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When does pop music begin to feel as though it illustrates our lives? I’d guess it happens most often when we fall in love, and we start looking for evidence or illustration. Even more so in moments of high drama,…

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Annie Lennox has been on my mind ever since her air harmonica moment as part of her killer Grammys performance. So it was only natural that when “sisters” was the topic of the day in a Facebook “Song Lyric Game”…

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