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May 15 / Music

The recent issue of Rolling Stone includes a “playlist” feature with 15 artists discussing the music that made them them. Midlife Mixtape posted her version and invited blogger friends to do the same — who can resist that challenge? Herewith, a few travels through…

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May 11 / Music
May 7 / Music

Many days, at some point, I hit “shuffle songs” on my iPhone, and periodically, the sequence interests me. Occasionally, I immortalize the shuffle list with a post here.  On a recent commute to my office, I hit “shuffle” and got…

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April 29 / Music
April 14 / 1990s
March 10 / Music
February 28 / 1980s

When does pop music begin to feel as though it illustrates our lives? I’d guess it happens most often when we fall in love, and we start looking for evidence or illustration. Even more so in moments of high drama,…

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February 19 / 1980s

Annie Lennox has been on my mind ever since her air harmonica moment as part of her killer Grammys performance. So it was only natural that when “sisters” was the topic of the day in a Facebook “Song Lyric Game”…

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February 10 / Music