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I took one of those music quizzes today. It turned out pretty well, considering my answer to a bunch of the questions was “OMIGOD NONE OF THEM!!” You Are Edgy & Introverted You enjoy edgy, aggressive, and assertive music –…

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Many days, at some point, I hit “shuffle songs” on my iPhone, and periodically, the sequence interests me. Occasionally, I immortalize the shuffle list with a post here.  On a recent commute to my office, I hit “shuffle” and got…

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Many days, at some point, I hit “shuffle songs” on my iPhone, and periodically, the sequence interests me. Occasionally, I immortalize the shuffle list with a post here.  This morning, as I was driving my kid to school, we were…

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Song of the week: PJ Harvey’s “Man-Size,” from her 1993 album Rid of Me, replayed on the radio as I was working through a touch of simmering rage about being a woman. Why so ragey? “Man-Size” came on as I…

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Last night was amazing, in the sense of a true, wonder-struck sense of life, and the capstone was music, so I’ll write about it here. My post will be long, and possibly rambling, so grab a fresh cup of coffee…

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When does pop music begin to feel as though it illustrates our lives? I’d guess it happens most often when we fall in love, and we start looking for evidence or illustration. Even more so in moments of high drama,…

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Annie Lennox has been on my mind ever since her air harmonica moment as part of her killer Grammys performance. So it was only natural that when “sisters” was the topic of the day in a Facebook “Song Lyric Game”…

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For my first blog post in this new space, I decided to set the bar low and begin with what may be an extremely boring post. Still with me? OK. Let’s do this. I’ll start with a natural question: What…

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