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With apologies to The New York Times’ “Sunday Routine” series. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t apologize.   A freelancer who works from her haphazardly decorated basement, Ms. Donato grew up attending various suburban public schools. “Most of them are…

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This post is reblogged from a post yesterday at Okey-Panky — my interview with the lovely writer and editor Alice Bolin. Earlier this year, we published Susanna Donato’s essay “Fast Food.” Today she answers a few questions for editor-at-large Alice Bolin.…

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ENTROPY magazine published my flash essay, “There is no main mixtape,” today. In those days, the apartment building was a railroad, a locomotive, three stories on an echo-chamber alley, the echo my new adulthood, adolescence a pocket door sliding into…

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I had the chance to interview Rob Spillman for Lighthouse Writers, ahead of his visit to Denver this Friday for a craft class on Establishing Authority. When it comes to writing and editing, there’s no denying that Rob Spillman has some serious…

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I’m fresh back from the AWP Conference/convention/book fair in Los Angeles last week — well, fresh-ish, and freshly recuperated after a week of rest — and ready to share. AWP, the Association of Writing Programs, puts on a huge convention every…

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By day, I handed a drive-through order to a man whose testicles lay outside his nylon running shorts, like a small bald rodent. ….   The good people at Okey-Panky published my short essay “Fast Food” today. Please read it —…

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Song of the week: PJ Harvey’s “Man-Size,” from her 1993 album Rid of Me, replayed on the radio as I was working through a touch of simmering rage about being a woman. Why so ragey? “Man-Size” came on as I…

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Last night was amazing, in the sense of a true, wonder-struck sense of life, and the capstone was music, so I’ll write about it here. My post will be long, and possibly rambling, so grab a fresh cup of coffee…

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