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ENTROPY magazine published my flash essay, “There is no main mixtape,” today. In those days, the apartment building was a railroad, a locomotive, three stories on an echo-chamber alley, the echo my new adulthood, adolescence a pocket door sliding into…

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I had the chance to interview Rob Spillman for Lighthouse Writers, ahead of his visit to Denver this Friday for a craft class on Establishing Authority. When it comes to writing and editing, there’s no denying that Rob Spillman has some serious…

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I’m fresh back from the AWP Conference/convention/book fair in Los Angeles last week — well, fresh-ish, and freshly recuperated after a week of rest — and ready to share. AWP, the Association of Writing Programs, puts on a huge convention every…

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By day, I handed a drive-through order to a man whose testicles lay outside his nylon running shorts, like a small bald rodent. ….   The good people at Okey-Panky published my short essay “Fast Food” today. Please read it —…

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You know when you’re driving in the car, listening to the radio, laughing politely at the DJ’s jokes, and then that song comes on, and you’re singing along, so familiar, and then about two-thirds through, you realize I NEVER WANT TO…

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It’s happy hour everywhere east of Mountain Time Zone, so if you missed this performance on Jimmy Fallon by Denver’s Nathaniel Rateliff​ and the Night Sweats, check it out to start your weekend! Such a reinvention and reinvigoration of what…

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The recent issue of Rolling Stone includes a “playlist” feature with 15 artists discussing the music that made them them. Midlife Mixtape posted her version and invited blogger friends to do the same — who can resist that challenge? Herewith, a few travels through…

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I took one of those music quizzes today. It turned out pretty well, considering my answer to a bunch of the questions was “OMIGOD NONE OF THEM!!” You Are Edgy & Introverted You enjoy edgy, aggressive, and assertive music –…

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Many days, at some point, I hit “shuffle songs” on my iPhone, and periodically, the sequence interests me. Occasionally, I immortalize the shuffle list with a post here.  On a recent commute to my office, I hit “shuffle” and got…

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